DTreport_coverFound.ation, together with EIT Digital, has launched the Digital Transformation in Greece report.

Technology advances fast, faster than ever before. A new era has dawned, one that most researchers and academics call The Fourth Industrial Era. And such as every era before this, it has been ignited by a “revolution”, technology being again at its center. But once more, technology’s pace is faster than our ability to adapt. This is why during the last years a new term has emerged in order to describe the transformational process that businesses have to undergo in order to become agile and ready for future challenges, more customer-centric and more effective. Innovation is the key.

Digital Transformation is not just another buzzword. It’s the profound transformation of business processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society. Implementing a thorough digital transformation, implies providing employees and customers with the experience that they now require at all organisational levels and, at the same time, enhancing the competitiveness of the company to meet new threats and players by developing innovative culture and talent. In short, digital transformation is the meeting point between technological opportunities and new business and growth models.

This report was prepared by Found.ation with the support of EIT Digital, in order to provide a valuable scope of the Greek business ecosystem, examine the degree to which companies and large organisations have adopted Digital Transformation procedures, and pinpoint the reasons for any delays.


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