Hello everyone

We are happy to announce our 1st Android Devs meetup here in Athens. Meetup will take place on the 21st of September at 19:00.

In this meetup we will host two presentations. The first presentation by Vasilis and Pavlos-Petros from Workable will introduce us to efficient error handling on Android, while in the second presentation Spyros from ezhome will discuss about Firebase and how they built an effective library on top of it with RxJava.

Important: Please RSVP to this meetup only if you will attend, in order to have a rough estimation of the number of people that eventually will come and therefore be able to properly prepare and arrange the meetup place.



Title: Efficient Error Handling on Android

Description: We will discuss about the way we handle Errors on Android, from multiple sources (etc. Network, Data layer) and how to act upon those Errors in an efficient way. We will also talk about Java Error Handler library, which provides elegant ways to handle such Errors.

Bio: Vasilis Charalampakis is an Android Software Engineer @ Workable, a passionate TDDer and an httpster geek.

Bio: Pavlos-Petros Tournaris is an Android Software Engineer @ Workable, passionate about Android and huge Rx fan.
Title: Firebase & RxJava Use Case
Description: In the presentation we will discuss which are the pros and cons of using Firebase in a production environment and which are the problems which you are going to face and how to eliminate them in an effective way. In the same presentation we will present the RxFirebase library and the usage on top of firebase and how you can effective use it in a clean architecture approach.

Bio: Spiros I. Economakis is a Software Engineer @ ezhome, a curious learner and passionate about software engineering and android. Big fan of KISS principle.