Dearest Devs,

After a small break, we are back for our 4th Symfony Meetup!

George Giannoulopoulos from Simple Web Solutions will fire up the meeting with a lightning talk about “An Ecommerce Symfony case study :“.

We will then continue with two really interesting topics. Firstly, the awesome team from Forky (Δημοσθένης ΝικούδηςΔημήτρης Ράπτης) will talk about “Building a documented RESTful API in just a few hours with Symfony“. Be sure to check out how the devs use various bundles and best practises to build their APIs in no time.

Then, we will discuss about “Test Driven Development, with Behat and Silex“.  Silex, Symfony’s barebone sibling, is ideal to experiment with behat and test driven development methodologies. So how is everything being tied together?

Be sure to find out on Tuesday, 12th of January, at 7 o’clock, in out usual spot at the Found.ation!