Fundraising for Dummies

If you are passionate to start your own company and you are looking for an investment, Fundraising for Dummies is the right workshop for you. Ivaylo Simov, founder of Eleven Accelerator, will share the essentials of fundraising, giving you answers to the following questions:

– What are the possible sources of investment and what is the difference between them (angels, accelerators, crowdfunding, venture capital firms, etc.)?
– How can a startup impress the different types of investors and what are they looking for?
– How do investors take investment decisions?
– What is a “company valuation” and why is it important?
– What information does the investor pitch contain?
– How can Greek startups get an investment and support from Eleven?

… and more questions that come from you during the Q&A session.

Eleven is one of the most active early-stage investment funds in Europe. Since 2012, it has invested over 9 mln EUR in 107 companies from all around Europe.

Join us for a great talk on fundraising and some beers on Thursday (Sept 24th), 6:30 pm, at Peiraios 123, K. Petralona, fl. 3.