Come and talk about innovation in the health space during a meetup hosted by Startup Safary Athens & Found.ation.
You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and health professionals who succeeded in the digital health space. You will also have the chance to hear from the investors of these startups & their views on the upcoming digital health market.

Introduction by Elena Barla

1. InSyBio (presented by Mr. Labros Digonis)
InSyBio is a bioinformatics pioneer company ( in personalized healthcare which focuses on developing computational frameworks and tools for the analysis of complex life-science and biological data. The key objective of our analysis lies in the discovery of predictive integrated biomarkers (biomarkers of various categories) with increased prognostic and diagnostic aspects for personalized Healthcare Industry.

2. e-Nios (presented by Dr. Ioannis Valavanis)
e-NIOS develops integrative solutions for analysis and interpretation of data delivered from modern high throughput Genomics technologies. Promoting knowledge discovery in Biology, e-NIOS aims innovative applications in Biotechnology, Drug Discovery and Personalized Medicine.

3. PJ Tech Catalyst (presented by Mr. Ion Tsakonas)
Established in 2012, the PJ Tech Catalyst Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in seed stage startup companies with a focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and supports the development of entrepreneurship in Greece.

4. NBG Business Seed (presented by Dr. Spyros Arsenis)
NBG Business Seeds is an integrated program established to foster innovative and outward-looking entrepreneurship by providing training, coaching and financing services and supporting new business ventures, from the statement of the initial business idea through to implementation and development of the company.