Come and talk about innovation in the health space during a meetup hosted by Grants4Apps, an acceleration program for startups from Bayer pharmaceutical company.

You will have the opportunity to meet like minded entrepreneurs and health professionals. You will also have a chance to learn more about Bayer’s acceleration program, Grants4Apps, that will be soon recruiting startups from Greece for its next batch.

Introduction by Thanos Kosmidis

1. DoctorAnyTime  (presented by Eleftheria Zourou)

DoctorAnyTime is a platform where you can find the doctor and diagnostic tests for free: in few, easy steps you can book your appointment. Searching for doctors and diagnostic tests has never been easier!

2. AmongDoctors (presented by Elena Barla)

AmongDoctors is an on-line service, exclusive to licensed physicians, which enables you to:
– Connect with fellow doctors worldwide
– Grow your professional network & reputation
– Obtain or provide a second opinion from/to fellow doctors
– Share valuable insights & interesting opinions among each other (about medical cases, drugs, machines etc).

3. CareAcross (presented by Bill Pairaktaridis, Web Developer)

CareAcross is a digital health startup focusing on cancer. Our mission is to support people affected by cancer through credible information, useful tools, psychological support, and advice from experts. Our vision is faster, more effective oncology research, and medical practice that will improve the quality of life of patients and their caregivers. Our team has deep expertise in business, technology and medicine – and a strong drive to confront a disease that affects millions of people worldwide.