The started in the middle of 2012 and is designed to easily and quickly identify tourism destinations that match both the wallet and the time of the offering that has each user of the application. What makes Captainwise is to allow the user to view all available travel destinations and configure packages (hotel and tickets), always on the basis of the budget. In addition, it offers the opportunity for service users to report only the amount available for rental and the length of time you wish to travel in a short period of time have a list of possible destinations based on the data given.

The Cookisto is a web application that allows you to see who and what is around you and cooks respectively gives you the opportunity to share meals with people of your neighborhood. Exchanges between “cooks” and “foodies” are mostly at the neighborhood level, as people understand each other on how they will be delivered. It combines with a clever way ready and homemade food, providing solutions to the wishes of two different categories of people.