Workshop session 1 : From startup to scale-up
Speaker: Alain le Loux MSc. MBA
– How to scale-up your business internationally.
– The top 10 mistakes for startups
– From start-up to scale-up
– Possibilities to do business in other countries
– Fast growth strategies

Workshop session 2: How I built a local startup with dream international clients
Speaker: Andreas Constantinou
– A Greek singularity
– Meeting our first international customers
– Building a reputation
– Scaling from services to product
– Selling in the US vs Europe vs Asia
– Bonus: the cultural route from Santa Clara to San Francisco

About the speaker Alain le Loux MSc. MBA
Alain le Loux MSc. MBA (45) has coached more than 200 high-tech startups in Europe. Alain has 20+ years’ experience in ICT on board level positions of multinationals and as CEO of startups. He studied Computer Science, Technology Management & Communications Management (1989-1994) at Twente University. Alain graduated in 2001 cum laude for an Executive MBA and is an expert in strategy, marketing, product launching, pricing and business acceleration. Alain le Loux is Business Accelerator for the European Institute for Technology & Innovation.

About the speaker Andreas Constantinou, Director / Founder, VisionMobile
As Director and Founder, Andreas oversees the growth and strategy at VisionMobile. He has been working on the mobile industry since 2000, helping take the very first smartphones to market. Since then he’s worked with the top brand names in the mobile industry including Microsoft, Intel, Google, Mozilla, Amazon and AT&T. Over the past ten years, Andreas has grown VisionMobile into the leading analyst firm in the developer economy, with a client base and reputation that out-rivals companies many times the size.
In his academic life, Andreas is an Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden, where he teaches Internet Business Models, and an Adjunct Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business where he teaches Entrepreneurship. Andreas holds a Ph.D. in Image & Video Compression from the University of Bristol, UK.
Prior to founding VisionMobile, Andreas spent 3 years at Orange Labs division, including serving as a technology lead for the Orange-Microsoft relationship. He is passionate about mapping the trends that will shape how people communicate, work and play.