Which are the startups that may be characterized as the newly mined diamonds of the Greek startup scene? Forbes asked Found.ation for a meta-analysis of the data collected for the “Startups Report in Greece 2018” focused on the most promising companies.

The article published in Forbes.com presents some of the companies that may be characterized as “the next best thing” of the Greek startup scene. At the pre-seed to seed stage, Norbloc, InAccel, Causaly, Entomics, PushMe, Intelistyle, Fighthoax, Feel, Landoop and Space Talos are less well-known startups which are based on a good idea, have a serious business plan and have already attracted potential investors’ interest. At a more advanced level, Welcome, Instashop, Blueground, Weengs, Pollfish, Balena, Apifon and Centaur Analytics are also included in the list.

Additionally, Forbes refers to the “Startups Report in Greece 2018” as “an in-depth study of the Greek startup ecosystem in relation to the country’s financial situation” that “provides valuable insights into the Greek startup scene and the desirable development over the years”.

The report, released for the 2nd consecutive year, just before the end of 2018 by Found.ation, in partnership with EIT Digital, a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization, and Velocity. Partners VC, not only maps the Greek startup field which is now becoming more interesting thanks to more investment funds inflow, but also analyzes and highlights the characteristics of Greek startup companies in the early stages of their development (pre-seed and seed stage), in order to understand their needs and to identify the problems they face in seeking funding and to build their own profile.

Interested in the “Startups Report in Greece 2018” report? You can download it for free (only in English).