We believe education is the cornerstone of progress. We have organized and curated a vast number of educational seminars offering technical skills -both soft and hard- aimed at individuals as well as corporations. Our well established position within the entrepreneurial ecosystem since 2011 has allowed us to gain valuable know-how and expertise, which we are now transferring to everyone who needs it, by redefining education.

We have recently focused especially on minorities and people with limited access to education resources, by creating SocialInnov – a non-profit endeavor with a mission to eliminate the digital skills gap and large unemployment rates in Greece. SocialInnov’s main project is Tech Talent, an educational and recruitment platform which enables recruiters looking for ICT professionals to identify and hire the right employees. Tech Talent School offers free technical training programs for individuals, allowing them to develop their computer programming and other digital skills. Additionally, it provides an online platform (Tech Talent Pool) where job seekers can register their competencies allowing recruiters to match suitable candidates to vacancies.

Tech Talent has been selected as the winner of the 2017 Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award for “Tech Talent Pool”, a revolutionary platform aiming to match people with the labor market depending on their specific knowledge, abilities and skills, in order to find a new job or a business partnership in the technology field. It is based on a constantly updated pool of talented individuals in conjunction with continuous data analysis, digital tools and a strong network outreach program.

Tech Talent Pool is a platform based on a constantly updated pool of talented individuals through the network of SocialInnov’s strategic partners and community outreach programs. It aims to match people with the market based on their knowledge, abilities and skills, in the ICT sector. The platform performs beyond a typical job board, by carrying out an ongoing data analysis in conjunction with evaluation by HR and industry experts. Since the launch of Talent Pool in July 2015, there is an up and running research. We have interviewed more than 80 companies in the technological field in order to identify their needs, find the right candidates and sufficiently manage the supply of talent.